Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Big Rebate!!!

So the government is going to give me $600, but not until May. They don't want me to save it. They don't want me to "pay down" any bills with it. They want me to spend it on something that will stimulate the economy. (Or China's economy. Or some middle-eastern country's economy.) I've been doing that already. That's why I have bills to pay down. Any time the government decides to give me extra money, I'll take it. If they want me to buy something frivolous, maybe they should send me a Best Buy gift card. Send me cash and I get to spend it, or not, the way I want to.

Still Tired

But at least I'm getting two days off in a row. I've rescheduled the doctor's appointment that I keep sleeping through. This time I promise I'm going to go. I really need to know what's making me so tired. I have so much to do and absolutely no energy to get it done. My appointment is for March 7. Stay Tuned.

Phrases That Mean Nothing

"Limited Commercial Interruption," or "Limited Commercials" - well, duh. Don't all shows have limited commercials? If they didn't - if they had "unlimited commercials" - no one would be watching.

"You have been preselected" to receive this catalog. Really? What other choices are there?! Is it possible to have a catalog mailed to you without being preselected?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Not a Disappointment

The first new episode was not a disappointment. I was hoping for a little more info about the folks on the ship, but I'll wait. Only eight episodes this year. That sucks. But I'll be patient.