Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Brush with History

Here's an article about a woman I served with. We were both in the Army, stationed at the 330th ASA Company (AVN FWD), which was a unit operating the Guardrail system. She was a pilot. I was a Voice Intercept Operator. She was the Army's first female helicopter pilot, and the Army's first female fixed-wing pilot. I was proud to serve with her.

After we'd served together, I tried to get her to be my reenlisting officer, even though we were stationed in different parts of the USA. Unfortunately, there was no way to pull of a reenlistment ceremony unless we were in the same place.

I've never had children, and never wanted to have children, but I always thought that I'd name a girl Sally, after Sally Murphy and Sally Ride.

I've often wondered what became of Sally Murphy. Now, thanks to this article, I know!

I found this video clip in which Sally Murphy talks about the unit she and I served in together.

Movie: The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)

My greatest regret is that I couldn't watch this movie without comparing it to the original, made in 1951. The original was fantastic, given the year it was made. The 2008 version was slightly different. Well, maybe more than slightly. I have tried to think about it without comparing it to the original, and I think it's probably a pretty good movie on its own. I could be terribly wrong, though, because I see that viewers both on Netflix and on IMDB haven't rated it very highly. Of course, there's no way to know whether those people are comparing the two versions or not.

There will be some spoilers, so stop now if you don't want to read them.

First, I wanted to slap the kid silly. What a little shit. My attitude didn't change as the movie went on.

Second, the purpose of Klaatu's visit is slightly different in the new version. He's more hostile. His purpose in the original version was to warn humans, not to destroy them. This is probably the main thing that makes the original better than the remake. The giant robot's purpose is also different, which makes sense because he's there with Klaatu. But if you don't like a hostile Klaatu, then you're not going to like a destructive robot. And I sure didn't like the method of destruction. A zillion tiny "metal" bugs that eat everything? That was just weird.

And the last-minute change of heart of just about everyone was unconvincing. Seems that Klaatu would have had to have seen more than he did to redeem the entire human race.

Another Movie: Howard's End

This movie reminded me of a poorly done version of a "romance novel." It seemed a little choppy at times. The acting was good, but I just didn't like the movie very much. It was surprisingly nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1992, as well as several other categories. I guess I just didn't get it!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Update

The Digestive Tract Experiment

That has sort of died off. For some reason I have not been taking the Para-Key capsules. I can't explain why. I just forget to take them, I guess. And I never finished the Activia yogurt. It's still in the fridge. In any case, I haven't noticed any change in my, um, daily routine, nor has my chronic fatigue let up at all. So I guess we can call that whole process a bust.

The Recent Illness

I feel better and have gone back to work, but I still have some head congestion and some crap in my lungs. My voice is still noticeably different. People keep telling me that I sound sick. But the worst (the fever) is over and I guess I just need to "suck it up and drive on" as we used to say in the Army. Eventually I'll be back to normal, whatever that is.

Roscoe & the Heartworm

Roscoe is doing well. He coughs a little from time to time. A friend told me her dog did that, too, when it got the same heartworm treatment. I think he'll have a complete recovery. Thank You, God!

Et Cetera

I didn't go in to work and quit, like I was thinking about doing. The boss wasn't there, anyway, so I couldn't have quit! But I'm a little afraid to quit - let's face it. I need the money, so I'll have to work somewhere. Better that I have something planned than just quit with no prospects for replacing that income.

I have two inventions that should make me rich. I just have to figure out what to do with them - how to get them made and sold. Then I'll retire!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Still Feel Like Crap

I'm sitting here in dirty pajamas, sweating, coughing, eating a bowl of spinach (with butter). I'm still sick - on the down side of some sort of cold or something else that infected me days ago. I haven't taken my temperature since my last blog. I haven't felt feverish, so there hasn't been a need.

I've spent all my time in bed, so I have a lot of TV shows on TiVo to watch when I finally feel better.

My friend, Oda, calls to make sure I haven't died, and that I don't need anything.

I've eaten very little this week, and suspect I will have lost a few pounds once this is all over.

Maybe my attitude will improve once my health has been fully restored (relatively speaking), but right now I'm seriously planning to go in and quit my job on Monday. Why?

•I have never liked retail;
•My boss has me working 10-hour days with no end in sight, and I've determined that they're bad for me (my coworker, who is also working the 10-hour days, also hates them, but boss doesn't care);
•I get totally pissed off when I'm already sick and have to call in sick to someone who, I don't know, what? Thinks I'm faking? Thinks I'm getting sick on purpose? Takes my calling in sick personally? Fire me or shut the hell up!

Not a good time to quit a good job? No. But unless the government stops paying me my Army retirement pay, I'll be fine. I may never have an LCD HD TV, but I'll have my old box TVs! And a lot of books to read. And free healthcare from the VA. Just have to keep the car running!

I could sit here and babble on, but I think I'll stop for now. I think I'll go to the USA Government Jobs website and see what I can find!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blogging in Sick

I guess you should actually blog in sick while you're sick, not once you're feeling better. But for obvious reasons (I hope) I didn't do that.

What a week!

On Sunday evening I was standing on a plastic chair trying to rescue a hummingbird that was stuck on my front porch. As I stepped down from the chair my legs got all tangled and I fell. My head hit the concrete. The first thing I thought about was Natasha Richardson. So I climbed into my car and drove to the emergency room. After a couple of hours and a CT scan, I was released. No serious injury, thank God. I do have a bump on my head and the technician confirmed that I still have my marbles. (Some of them, at least.)

On Moday I went to work, but about noon I started coughing. I thought it was probably allergy-related, since that happens to me all the time. I take some Mucinex and everything's fine. On Tuesday I called in sick, still coughing and with a slight fever. By Tuesday aftgernoon my fever had reached 101.7ยบ. I was putting cold compresses on my head and taking acetaminophen. I was also taking nighttime medicine for coughing. That helped a lot. I called in sick again on Wednesday. The boss was pissed. Oh well. It's not like I plan these things. My temperature finally came back to normal, so I stopped the cold compresses. A few hours later it was back up to 99.8.

I finally got up and tried to eat something. So far so good. I'm starting to cough again. I haven't had any of the cough syrup for awhile so that's probably why.

I've got someone checking on me who will help me if I need it.

I'm going to take some cough medicine now. I hope I can stay awake for LOST, but if not, I'll be able to watch it tomorrow on or on my TiVo.

I'm off for the next two days so I'll have some healing time without having to call in sick to the mean, old boss again.

So I still am a little sick, so "Blogging in Sick" while I am sick does apply.

Friday, April 10, 2009

So far, everything's okay.

Roscoe is doing okay staying in the house all day. I was worried that he'd start peeing inside, but he hasn't. Instead of removing the doggie door, I laid a chair inside on the floor so the dogs can't get out, but the cats can still come and go. I have one cat that's a little slow. I fixed up the bathroom window so the cats could get in and out, but Sweetie didn't get it! She was making the saddest sounds trying to get out! So I nixed that idea and went with the blocked doggie door. That's better anyway, because I don't have to leave a window open. Don't want bugs coming in.

Last night Rosie made me get up at 4:oo a.m. to let her out. Then I had to wait for her, Roscoe and Celie to all come back in. I guess I'd better get used to that because it's bound to happen often before these six weeks are up. I already have enough trouble getting out of bed in the morning!

I keep forgetting to give Roscoe his morning dose of medicine. Damn. I get up late and, rushing around, I just don't think about it. But he gets his evening dose. And I'm off work tomorrow, so he'll get his morning dose, too! It would be a lot easier if I didn't have to go through the process of hiding the pills in bits of hot dog. Can't someone invent a pill that dogs enjoy eating?!! Sheesh!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More about Roscoe

I brought Roscoe home from the vet today. I was told that I have to keep him calm for SIX weeks, not the two that I had thought. This is going to be real difficult. You do things a certain way for what seems like forever, then suddenly you have to change big things. Like removing doggie doors. And coming home every single day from work at lunchtime to let the dogs out. Thank God I don't live but a few minutes away from work. But it has to be done to save Roscoe's life, and we'll all get used to it. And then we'll be able to chuck it all and go back to the before-diagnosis lifestyle!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mildly Bad News

I took Roscoe in today for his annual shots, etc. He tested positive for heartworm. My bad, I know. I should have taken better care of him. He has to stay at the vet's until Wednesday, while they administer medication and observe his reaction. Then when he comes home he has to stay relatively calm for two weeks, iirc. THEN they have to test for baby heartworms. If he has those, it's another type of treatment. You see, dogs get the adult heartworms first, then they get the babies. So the adult heartworms are killed first, then the dog is tested for babies, and treated if they are present. It sucks. The good news is that the vet said they have had a 100% success rate in eliminating the heartworms.

Rosie and Celie were both tested during their annual visits and were negative. They're on heartworm preventative meds now.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I put a video up on YouTube that shows one of my cats trying to get a virtual spider that's on my computer screen. I am humbled and amazed to see that it has received over 77 thousand views.

Interesting what folks find interesting.

Movie: Out of Time

A Denzel Washington flick. Whenever I get these I think, "I'm probably not going to like this." I'm always wrong. Well, so far. In the beginning Denzel's character is the chief of a tiny police force, getting a divorce, and fooling around with the wife of a lunatic (who is played by the ever cute Dean Cain). Things take a turn. And the fun begins! It's a good movie and worth the cost of rental. (I used to buy movies until I realized, (1) I can't really afford them, and (2) what's the point? I almost never watch them again.)

I don't know what it was that made me start thinking negative things about DW's movies. I can't think of any of them that I haven't enjoyed. I think one day I just started thinking that DW isn't as sexy and cool as everyone thinks. Don't know why I started thinking that, either.

Another Movie

I also watched "Saving Grace." This the movie that, I'm pretty sure, was the basis for the TV show "Weeds." They're both about a woman who begins growing marijuana in order to pay the bills. I've never seen the TV show. The movie was good. It stars Craig Ferguson, who apparently wrote, directed, produced, etc., the movie. It's a Brit flick.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Best Show on TV

No contest. LOST is the best show on TV. Those of you who aren't watching, you're missing something very special. I recommend you get a copy of the season one DVDs right away and start catching up. Watch season three with a grain of salt. It was the worst season, but season four definitely made up for that!! We're now watching season five. If you keep up you'll be able to watch the sixth and final season as it airs.

This show is an incredible mystery, and one that, I'm certain, stimulates those parts of the brain that need to be stimulated in order to stave off dementia.

And there are enough attractive men and women for everyone!

The Nighttime is the Right Time

I get all of my energy at night. Well, that is, any energy I do get. I haven't had much lately. But here it is nearly midnight and I find myself wanting to do things like repot a plant and put up a new mailbox and mow the lawn. I don't think my neighbors would appreciate it if I mowed the lawn at night. That mailbox job would be a little too noisy, as well.

I guess I'll just clean up around the house a bit, since I don't have to go to work tomorrow. I've been ignoring that for quite some time.