Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Site's back up, sort of.

I got a new hosting service and now my website is back up, sort of. You can type in the URL and get to my temporary home page. But my whole, entire site that I worked long and hard to get just right is on a broken Zip disk. So is my Pussy Games website and my Male Bashing website.


Fortunately I had my church's website on a completely different disk, so that's back up and active.

Maybe God's trying to tell me something.


Monday, May 26, 2008

And now a FOURTH cat has gone missing

I'm so upset and so angry right now, that I really can't think straight enough to write anything that makes sense. I haven't seen Buster since Saturday. Why is someone taking my cats away from me. Don't they care how that affects me? And more important, don't they care about a harmless, loving animal's life?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

What can I do?!

I lost my website. I had it on a Zip disk. Thought that was a good idea in case something happened to my computer. It was "backed up." Good habit, backing up your data. Well, unless you knock your Zip drive off the desk and your backup disk is inside. The Zip drive works fine, but my disk seems to be, um, broken. Can't read the disk.

No problem, really. I can go to my site and FTP/download the files.

Oops. Forgot to pay the monthly hosting fee and they closed my account. I called them to reopen my account and the guy on the phone at the number I was instructed by e-mail to call told me he couldn't re-open my account. I think he's an idiot because, well, why would they tell me to call that number for help if the person who answers the phone can't help me?! If that guy's not an idiot, someone is.

So, enough of that. I can probably find a cheaper host, right? I did. I signed up with a different, cheaper hosting service. Now I just have to get all the electronic i's dotted and t's crossed and, hopefully, I'll at least have somewhere to put my website, even if it has dissolved into the ozone.

I guess I need to start backing up the backup.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Didn't go, then did

I didn't go to work Tuesday. I called in sick. I went to work Wednesday, stayed for an hour, then came home. I went in today. I felt much better. I think my cold is almost gone. I still have some sniffles and coughing, but it's nothing compared to a few days ago. I had a fever and my body ached. Especially my ribs and back. I'm sure it was from coughing so much.

I'll miss the money I didn't earn those two days. There's a holiday coming up, though, so that'll mean an extra day's pay.

And I did work an extra two hours today. I was doing a reset and wanted to finish it before I left. Ain't I dedicated?!!

I'll take some "nighttime cold medicine" when I go to bed tonight, just to keep myself from coughing.

My lawn has been neglected for so long that I'm expecting to get a notice from the city. They do that. They send out notices if you haven't mowed your lawn for awhile. Even your back yard!!! That freaked me out. Why the hell would they care how my back yard looks? It's not like it's visible to the neighborhood. But I got a notice to mow my back yard last summer! The notice always says that if I don't mow it, the city will send someone over to mow it and then charge me for it! If I didn't think they'd charge way too much, I'd sit back and let them go ahead and mow it!

Part of my front yard actually belongs to the city. Maybe I should just mow the part that's mine and let them be responsible for the 10-foot section that belongs to them! Hmm. I wonder what would happen! Maybe, if they ever really piss me off. They actually own several feet of land in my back yard, too, now that I think of it!

There's an old Maxine cartoon that I taped up on my front door one year. Let me see if I can find it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Feeling Better

I think I'll go to work tomorrow. Won't call in sick. I feel a little better than I did yesterday, which makes me think I'm already getting better. So I'll make my boss happy and go to work and spread my cold around so other employees can call in sick.

I strongly recommend taking zinc lozenges at the very first sign of a cold. The major brand name is Cold Eze, but you can get the same thing cheaper by buying the store's brand. Take one every three hours. Follow instructions!! Let them dissolve in your mouth. Don't chew them. They make your cold shorter and less intense. Honest!

BTW, that last post (Yep, I'm sick.) was actually written and posted (I thought) on Saturday. I guess I was so sick that I couldn't get it to show up.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yep, I'm sick.

I have a wicked cold. My head feels huge, my throat hurts. I'm coughing. I'm tired and sore. I'm also pissed, because I regularly take zinc, and have told other people to take it to build up their immune systems. Well, this cold sneaked by my immune system. It's a mixed blessing that it happened on my day off. On the one hand I don't have to miss work for being sick. On the other hand, I'm too sick to do anything that I need to do at home!

When I get a cold I can talk in a real deep voice. It's fun because it scares the cats! They think there's a stranger in the room.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Getting Sick?

I think I'm getting sick. Dammit. I started out earlier today with a bit of a sore throat. No biggie, since I have allergies that have caused sore throats before. But this sore throat got a little sorer. And then my always-running nose got a little runnier. Now I'm thinking that this is going to be a cold. I hate being sick. If I get too sick I'll have to miss work, and I can't afford that right now.

Someone at work told me she has strep throat. That sort of ticks me off. I hate it when sick people come to work and infect healthy people. Like me. So this could be strep throat, or a cold, or it could just be overly active allergy symptoms. I'm hoping for the latter.

I usually stay up late on Saturday night because I'm off on Sunday, but I think tonight I'm going to go to bed earlier than usual. If I am sick, getting a lot of rest will do me good.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fooling the Tooth Fairy

I tried to fool the tooth fairy once. One of my baby teeth fell out, so I got an envelope and put the tooth inside. But first I made a secret X inside the envelope because I thought the tooth fairy couldn't magically replace the tooth with money. I though she'd have to take the old envelope with the tooth and replace it with a new envelope, and the secret X inside the envelope would prove that it wasn't the same envelope with money inside. Then I got my mom to witness this little experiment for me!!! I showed her the secret X and told her I was going to fool the tooth fairy. Then I put the tooth inside and sealed the envelope. Of course, when I woke up the next morning there was money inside the sealed envelope, and THERE WAS MY SECRET X inside!!! So there's your proof. You can't fool the tooth fairy.

Monday, May 12, 2008

DVD Home Movies

I hooked up my new DVR yesterday, and began transferring my "home movies" from video tape to DVD. I've uploaded the first one to my YouTube account, which is also called "wacvet." It came out better than expected.

As I wrote earilier, when I went to Stonehenge I had a weird experience with some metal rods. This is in the movie, although there's much less of it than I thought there would be. First you can see me walking with the rods. Then my friend doing the same.

I'll apologize in advance for the boring parts. For some reason I taped much longer than I should have!

Go watch. It's at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0TehbXGEz8 .

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Puppy-related Picture

I was looking for a picture on my computer and came upon this new puppy-relevant cartoon.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Another Movie (Almost forgot)

I watched Michael Clayton yesterday. Very good movie. I was confused at first because I thought it was the movie about the Senator (or Congressman) who "ended the cold war." I kept waiting for a flash-back, since the beginning of the movie was in present day!

The Week

I've been extremely tired this past week. Don't know why. Usually when I start the week tired, I stay tired all week. It's not until my days off that I can catch up on my sleep, which I seem to need a LOT. Anyway, I've been dealing with the puppy, and doing something for a friend, and other general stuff. Got a lot of drugs from the VA Hospital as a result of my last appointment. Three types of pain medication! Two in pill form, and some liniment! Didn't know they still made liniment! I'm pretty sure it's just a liquid form of Ben Gay. Smells the same. They sent me four bottles of acetaminophen (aka Tylenol), and two bottles of etodolac (an anti-inflammatory)! That's a lot of pain meds! I still need to go back to the VA and have some X-rays and tests. Until I can get down there and get a blood test I won't be able to find out what's making me so tired. But when I have time to go, I'm usually too tired. It sucks.

Got my Economic Stimulus Payment (ESP). The only frivolous thing I bought was a DVR (digital video recorder). I want to transfer my "vacation" videos to DVD so that I can upload them to the web. Of course I'll post here when I do that. I went to London twice. One of the trips included a side trip to Stonehenge. That was freaky!! There was a guy there with two metal rods shaped like the letter L. I don't know what kind of metal. He let me hold them and walk around Stonehenge. I held them loosely by the short ends, with the long ends facing forward, and there were four places where the rods would move by themselves. It was a very strange feeling! I have that on tape and it's the one I want to transfer and upload first.

The rest of my ESP went to pay bills. Dammit. I really want to get an HDTV. It doesn't have to be a big, expensive one. Since Wal-Mart cut out their layaway department it's hard for me to buy a "big-ticket" item. I'm going to check with Sears to see if they have layaway. I could go to Aarons, but then I would end up paying $1,000 for a $600 TV.

Okay, so.... I wasn't planning to write so much. I only wanted to explain why I hadn't posted for awhile! Now I'm going to go to bed.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Skeeter's Here!

I got the dachshund/chihuahua puppy today. He's doing okay. He's even managed to get old, fat Rosie to play!! I hope he'll fit in nicely. So far so good. I'll write more about him later. It's getting late and I'm getting sleepy!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I finally made it to a doctor's appointment!! Where I found out I have DJD - Degenerative Joint Disease. That means my knees are getting bad/worse. I still don't know why I'm always so tired, because I haven't made it to my lab appointment yet. I have several things I have to go back for on Monday. The lab will be one of them. It's going to be difficult, though, because I have to fast for eight hours before the tests. Since I live an hour away from the hospital, I have to get up, shower and dress, feed the dogs and cats, and then drive to the hospital. I'm going to be VERY hungry.

Four things I have to do for my knees: knee exercises, Ben Gay, anti-inflammatory drugs, knee braces.

Also on Monday I have some X-rays to take (wrist, neck, feet).

I'm just falling apart.