Wednesday, January 8, 2020

People :-(

Sometimes people just annoy me to no end. I mean, I'm annoyed by some people most days, but then there are times when more and more people seem to be annoying, and I just want to close my emotional doors and windows and withdraw, avoiding the entire human race.

Facebook seems to be the cause of this most of the time. Here are a couple of recent examples that happened to me there. One friend* suddenly started posting cold reactions to my posts or comments, as if she was a little perturbed, but didn't want to say so outright. I asked her about it via a private message, but I've yet to get a reply. Another friend* challenged something that I posted that was not at all presented as a challenge. The post went, "Here are some things that will explain why I don't celebrate 'Christmas,' if any of you are interested. They are in the form of booklets from the United Church of God, which happens to be a church I found online long ago. Its teachings are closest to what I believe as a Christian. These booklets can be read online, downloaded to be read offline, or you can request that they send you a printed copy."

So you can see that I didn't try to convert anyone with my post, nor did I imply that anyone who doesn't agree with my views is not very smart. But my friend accused me of doing just that sort of thing.

This is the sort of thing that just puts me off people completely. And that is why I'm going to try to stay away from Facebook in the future. I will still check on the groups I've created but even that will be kept to a minimum. And I'll continue to "poke" the people who poke me. But I'm not going to post, and I'm not going to read other peoples' posts. I'm just going to stay away from Facebook people.

I should point out that I'm retired and seldom leave my house, so Facebook is the most exposure I have to people. I consider Facebook a way to keep active among human beings. It's not ideal, of course, but for someone like me, and for people who are forced to remain indoors (sick, handicapped, etc.) Facebook works as a way to keep in touch and informed, sort of.

I have more to say about this, but I'm tired of typing. LOL.  It'll give me something to write about in the near future.

*By "friend" I mean "Facebook friend" - someone I've never met except via the Internet, either on Facebook or Usenet, or both. Sometimes my Facebook friends are people I have actually met, but most are not.