Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Dear Delivery Drivers,

 Please use your head. Don't put my food on the ground. I have a chair and a table on my front porch, so when I select "contact-free delivery," you should leave the food there.

Tonight my delivery driver not only wanted to hand me the food, but when I asked him to put the food down and pointed to the chair (through a closed storm/screen door), he put it on the ground. 

Maybe you just need the extra money. Maybe you're not bright enough to qualify for a well-paying, steady job. Whatever it is, help me to think the former, not the latter, by not putting my food on the ground. 


(For those of you who might be wondering if they are repaying my frugality, they're not. I tip as generously as possible for someone who doesn't make much money herself.)