Monday, March 17, 2008

Putting a Dog to Sleep

This is a very bad day for me. About a week ago one of my dogs started to get sick. We went to the vet last Wednesday and he was misdiagnosed. I won't comment on that now. We went back this morning and did blood work and a urine test. They showed that he was in the latter stages of anti-freeze poisoning. That really, really sucked, because it meant he'd have to be put down. This poor little dog never hurt anyone. He had a short but sweet life. And to have to suffer in such a horrible way. I want to think it was an accident. I'd better never find out that someone did this intentionally.

Butch has crossed the rainbow bridge. His suffering is over. I'll see you again one day, Butch. You were a great dog, and a great friend.

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