Monday, July 7, 2008


Okay, I'm not so tired. I slept most of the day. It was my one day off after working six. The last three of those were 10-hour days. You see, we had an employee get fired, so we've been short handed. That, along with the holiday weekend, meant that I had to work some long shifts. Not a bad thing, really, when you think about the overtime and the holiday pay.

As for what I wanted to blog about, I have no idea. I forgot. So I'll try to remember and then blog about them in the near future.

I DO want to draw your attention to the newly forming Umbrella Hat Society. If you like to have fun and don't take life too seriously, you need to join the Umbrella Hat Society. That's what we're about - having fun. All you need to do is own an Umbrella Hat. You can get them real cheap in a lot of places. I've bought a couple of them. Do a google search for umbrella hats. Do an eBay search for umbrella hats. Ebay will be cheaper.

It doesn't matter what kind of umbrella hat you own. I have one that's the traditional red, yellow, blue and green, and one that has a patriotic theme. My next one will be green camouflage. After you get your hat, take a picture and send it to Then it will be added to the Umbrella Hat Society website. Then just go out and have some fun. Form a chapter. There are no dues, no responsibilities. Just fun.


I'm not kidding.

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