Saturday, May 9, 2009

Finished with retail! (For now)

Last day at Walgreens. Didn't feel any different. My very last customer told the manager that I was a super (I think that was what she said) employee! They're gunna miss me. I'm not tooting my own horn - honest. I'm just very good at what I do. I took special care of the customers and their photo orders. I fixed other peoples' mistakes. I could fix problems with the machines that no one else could fix. If I could have worked in the photo lab all the time and not had to do all the other stuff (stocking, cleaning the bathrooms, emptying the trash, unloading the truck, sweeping the floor, facing/zoning, and the myriad small tasks that had to be done, etc., etc.), and if I could have SAT DOWN, I would have been happier about my job. I know I'm not really that old, but my body needs much more rest than one gets working retail.

About my new job: I've had equal numbers of people tell me I'm going to hate it as I'm going to love it. I was assured that, by the end of training (if not sooner), I'd know if I was going to enjoy the job.

One thing I hadn't thought about was the initial period of extreme stress once the training is over and I "go live" taking care of customers. But now I'm ready for that and I realize that it's going to be temporary. I'll get through it.

Today I actually got an e-mail welcoming me to the company and giving me instructions for Monday morning. Do most companies do this? It seems very unusual, and very nice.

I bought a lanyard for my new work badge. It's too short. When did lanyards get so short? Is this a result of the poor economic condition of the country? Can I expect longer lanyards to come back once the economy heals? Come Monday I will be lanyardless. That's gunna throw everything off. Damn.

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