Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I tried. I really did.

I tried to mow the lawn today. It's a beautiful sunny day - 80 degrees outside. I found some clean shorts and put them on, went out to the shed, dragged out the lawnmower. There was a little gas in the tank. Probably enough to mow one lawn. I added some STP and some oil, since the dipstick showed none! Left the mower in the sun for a bit to warm up. Then I tried to start it. Several times. No luck. Eventually I decided to try it one last time and, if it didn't start, I'd give up. I did. It didn't. So I did.

Because I was outside and dressed to do some sort of outdoor work, I decided to prune the rose bush. I didn't prune it last year and it got to be at least eight or nine feet tall. Really! It's a very healthy rosebush. (The Guinness record for tallest rosebush is 13 feet 3 inches (4.03 meters) tall.)

I also made the neighbors happy, I'm sure, by cleaning up the "box" of aluminum cans that have been on my driveway for several months. I put "box" in quotes because the box broke down some time ago due to rain and other unfriendly (to boxes) weather. So the cans weren't quite boxed up like they were when I first put them out there. They were messy. An eyesore, for sure, even though no one complained. (They were mostly hidden by my car, when it was in the driveway.) Today I gathered them in a large trash bag and put them in the back of the car. Since none of you have bothered donating (using the convenient button in the right hand column on this page), I'm forced to collect and sell aluminum cans to supplement my income. Shame on you! ;-)

So I sort of did all I could do without a lawn mower. I suppose I'll find "how to tune up your lawn mower" on the web somewhere and see what I can do. I'm pretty handy.

Rosie and Celie went out with me for awhile. Rosie seemed to really enjoy it. She loves going out front. She's very good about staying close. Celie, on the other hand, has to be closely watched or she'll end up a couple yards (houses) away, pooping on the neighbor's lawn. If you guys would donate some money (using the convenient button in the right hand column on this page) I could afford to build a cute white, picket fence so I didn't have to worry about the dogs leaving the yard.

Speaking of outside and nice weather, I have yet to see a single hummingbird this spring. They usually show up by the 15th of March. I've had the feeder up since the 8th. Of course, I might just have not been looking while they were at the feeder, but I don't think so. I'm disappointed. I know they're in the neighborhood because I've been watching the migration map.

I guess that's all for now. Later.

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