Friday, June 11, 2010

Cold Feet

Mom's getting cold feet about moving to Oregon, and I can't really say I blame her. The area where she lives now has the best climate in the world, imho, and in hers. So when she hears that it's raining yet again in Oregon, she starts to rethink her decision to move. I think we will end up moving, but I also think there will be some hemming and hawing before we do.

I have been on the internet looking at homes that are for sale in the area she's interested in. There are a lot of really nice ones up there. I will put my favorites on a list for mom to look at when she's up there next month.

I want to be careful about how I do this. I want to buy a house with mom, although she will have more to invest in it than I will. What I don't want is angry brothers who think I'm trying to get something for nothing, among other things. The fact is that mom's getting older now, and she needs someone close by to look out for her. Since I'm single, I'm the logical choice. Also, I've been away from "home" for so long that I'd really like to spend some time with my mom before it's too late. If I do end up living with mom, I don't want to find myself out in the street looking for a home when she's gone. So I want to do this so that I end up with whatever house we buy without cheating my brothers out of what is rightfully going to be theirs.

I went to see the eye doctor yesterday. I need new glasses, but that's all. Nothing serious going on. I do have some annoying floaters, and the doctor says I have "loose vitreous," but there's nothing we can do about it. So for now I will have to live with seeing things out of the corners of my eyes that might be bugs, or might not.

 I really need to mow the front yard. And the back yard, too, for that matter.

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