Thursday, July 8, 2010

2010 Emmy Award Nominations: Split Allegiances

I don't care too much about what goes on in the entertainment industry. I don't follow the gossip and I don't watch the award shows. But there are a few shows that, in my humble opinion, are exceptional. When those shows and the actors who star in them are nominated, it makes me very happy.

Lost and Dexter are the two best dramas on television. No one will ever convince me otherwise. They're both incredibly unique. And they are in competition against each other in two categories. Both are up for "Best Drama." (I'll be happy if either one wins.) Both have provided nominees for "Best Actor in a Drama Series:" Matthew Fox and Michael C. Hall. (I'm leaning toward Michael for this one, but will still be happy if Matthew wins.)

In the category "Best Supporting Actor in a Drama," two actors from Lost are competing against each other: Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn. I have to say that I'm probably equally split between these two. They both did superior jobs during the last season of Lost.

For "Best Guest Actor in a Drama," John Lithgow was nominated. He played one of the eeriest serial killers ever in Dexter. No one I care about was nominated against him in this category, so I don't have to split my allegiance.

I was disappointed, as were many others, that The Big Bang Theory wasn't nominated for Best Comedy. Already people are using the word "shunned." But Jim Parsons was nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy, and rightly so. I don't envy him for the dialogue he has to memorize and deliver each week.

There was one show in the Best Comedy category that I watch: Nurse Jackie. And the star, Edie Falco, was nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy. I hope she wins.

Lost was nominated in other categories, as well: writing, music, directing - that sort of stuff. Of course that's wonderful, but for me it's more about the actors. Although I'll be happy if Lost wins any of these categories. As for Dexter, The Big Bang Theory and Nurse Jackie, I have no idea if they garnered any other nominations. If they did, I'll root for them, too!

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