Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pizza and Things

I was telling someone about the Ultimate Meat Lover's pizza that Walmart sells in their deli section. It's a pretty good pizza for store-bought. Better than anything I've had delivered in the past several years. And cheaper. When I went grocery shopping at Walmart the other day I decided to get one. As on previous occasions, it was very good. I added a bit of garlic powder and oregano. I also added some peperoncini, which has a lot of flavor and very little "heat."
This is a "before" shot.
Another "before" shot.
And this is the "after" shot.
It was darned good pizza, and it's tempting enough to want to eat it quite often. Of course, the peperoncini isn't enough of a "vegetable," so I'd have to have a salad or something else that counter-balances the meat, cheese, and carbs.

It's almost September. September is my favorite month because it's the month when the summer temperatures begin to fall a bit. They don't fall a lot, but when your normal temperatures are in the upper 90's and low 100's, any falling is appreciated, and noticed!

I don't know what will happen with the move to Oregon. Mom is visiting Oregon and doing a little house-hunting, but I think she's going to find fault with any house she looks at. I hope she doesn't reject a perfectly nice house just because it "needs to be painted," or some similarly fixable "problem."

I'm also concerned about mom because she seems to have lost some short-term memory. Not a good sign in a woman in her 80's. I'm going to talk to my brother about getting her memory, etc., tested.

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