Monday, October 25, 2010

Why I'm Happy Summer is Over...

...or Why I like the cold weather.

 Cold weather in central Texas never really gets very cold. On the rare occasion that it might, it doesn't last very long. But hot weather in central Texas is quite hot and humid. When I left the military I thought I wanted to retire someplace warm, but once I started going through menopause I realized that might not have been the smartest choice. In the many years that I have spent in Texas, I have developed a new appreciation for cold weather.

I recently sat down and made a list of the things I like about cold ("central Texas cold") weather. I'm sure there are some I've forgotten, but here is my short list:

  • Winter clothes cover my fat.
  • I can put the blankets/covers back on the bed and pull them up around my neck while I sleep.
  • Hot coffee tastes even better on a cold morning.
  • Bugs go away.
  • When it's really, really cold, bugs die.
  • The heater costs less to run than the air conditioner.
  • No humidity.
  • No lawn mowing.
  • The dogs are happier - not panting all the time.
  • I can open the windows.
  • I don't have to put my hair up to cool down.
  • When I get in the car I can actually touch the steering wheel.

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