Tuesday, December 10, 2019

I'm back. For now.

I haven't been here in quite some time. I'm entertaining ways to make this blog more active and more interesting, at least for me. The problem is that I have dogs that tell me when I've been sitting at my computer too long. I have a desktop computer because that's how I've evolved. I'd love to have a nice, expensive laptop, but I can't afford one right now. Also, I've never been real comfortable using a laptop - dragging it around here and there. But what I have done is bought a large iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard, which is nearly the same thing, only cheaper.

So I'll be back. Sooner than later, I hope. Here's what you need to know: I don't like our current holder of the office of President of the US, so you'll see some anti-him stuff; I love all animals, even the ones who've wronged me (I'll tell you about the raccoons later.), so you'll see some animal-rights stuff. I'm a sort of grammar nazi, so if you see any mistakes in my blog, they're just typos and I'll most likely come back in a little while and correct them. Feel free to point them out in the comments; I think Americans, as a group, are getting dumber. Not enough emphasis on what we're supposed to be learning in school; I'll share memes that I think are funny or sadly true; I'm a liberal, raised mostly on the left coast.

I don't care too much about your opinion. This is my blog. If you want to share your opinion, get your own blog.

I live in the middle of Texas where it's warm much of the time and hot most of the time. Occasionally, like today, it gets cold, but I'm sure people up north would laugh at what we, here, think of as "cold." Feel free to move to warmer climes if it bothers you.

I hope you'll enjoy whatever I post. If you don't, that's okay, too. I'm doing this for me, not for you.

Peace. ☮

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