Wednesday, May 18, 2022

No More Patience 😡

 I have no patience left in my life for anything or anyone. Honestly. Maybe there's a certain amount of patience you're given as a newborn and, the more you use, the less you have when you grow older. I've reached that point. 

A recent example: When I contact Amazon to ask them why I often find ratings for unrelated products on one of their product's pages and they have to ask me three times what product I'm referring to, the first thing I want to do is ask them if they're "special." (Can't use the r-word anymore these days, but you know what I mean. Unless you're "special," I guess.)

I bought an item that received four+ stars - a personal air conditioner. After I received it and started using it, I realized it's not that great. It's definitely not four+ stars. So I looked at the ratings and notices several items listed on the page that are definitely not a personal air conditioner. One had pictures so it was painfully obvious that the item being rated was a body pillow. Five stars. So am I supposed to give a fuck that someone's body pillow was five-star-worthy? I found a couple other ratings that had nothing to do with the personal a/c. 

So what's the point? What's the reason these non-applicable ratings are on the wrong page? Clearly they mess with the rating for the actual product on the page - the a/c.

I have an "associate" who is extremely sensitive about everything. I have to be extra cautious whenever I say anything about her. But really I'd rather just say what I'm thinking without having to worry about the affect it might have and then just slap her face if she overreacts. That's not right, though, is it? I've never said anything that (in my opinion) would insult her. Yet, over the years, she has felt insulted by me several times. My fault? No!! This is MY blog and I say it wasn't my fault. Recently she was teasing herself about a personal problem she has. So I teased her about the same thing and, guess what?! I hurt her feelings. Why do I blame her? Because she is the only person I know who reacts the way she reacts. I can tease all my other "associates" without the boo-hooing. They understand that I'm teasing or joking.

Some people need to grow a thicker skin. Instead of instantly accusing me of "hurting their feelings," maybe other people need to think rationally for a minute and realize I'm not trying to hurt someone's feelings. 

When I want to hurt someone's feelings I'll say something like, "You're an idiot." Believe me, it will be obvious if my intention is to hurt you.

I'm going to go look up articles about patience, now. And order some wings from Pizza Hut. They're the only thing I order from Pizza Hut, and I only order them on Wing Wednesday when they're cheaper.

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