Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bad Religion

Like most people, I get a lot of forwarded e-mail. A lot about it annoys me, but I tolerate it, even if it contains headers from a dozen other versions that were forwarded before I got my copy. What I won't tolerate is the type of message I've been getting recently. It's a religious "blessing" that the sender insists you must forward or there's something spiritually wrong with you. (I don't have an example right now. When I get one, I'll post it.)

This sort of e-mail is just mean. Are they trying to tell me that God won't love me if I don't forward this "blessing" to a hundred other people? I don't think so. I don't recall anything in the Bible that says so.

First of all, the only one who can bless me is God. Not you, not the priest or minister, not an e-mail. God. You can ask God to be blessed. You can ask God to bless someone else. You can not bless me. I can not bless you.

To try to make anyone feel guilty or not spiritual for not forwarding an e-mail is just mean. And it goes against God, not for him.

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