Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More about Dexter

I've decided that I'm now addicted to Dexter. I've watched eight episodes, so far, and can hardly wait until the next disk arrives, tomorrow. What's really nice is that the second season starts on Sunday, so I'll be able to go straight from the end of season one to the beginning of season two. I've subscribed to Showtime and I have my TiVo set, so I'm ready! And if there's a power failure, for some reason, or the satellite goes out, as it often does in extremely hard rain, I'll be able to watch episodes on iTunes. I love technology!

One thing that I've found very refreshing about Dexter is that all the women have small breasts. Why is that refreshing? Because it means the boobs are real and that the producers aren't hung up with huge and/or fake breasts. Of course, now that the series is a success, and the actresses have a little bit of money, maybe they'll come back in season two with boob jobs. I hope not. I like to think that some women with smallish breasts are happy with what they have.

On the down side, the women with the small breasts are all exceedingly thin. This could mean eating disorders. I surely hope not. They could stand to gain a few pounds. It would make them look healthier. And it would make their breasts larger, too.

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