Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I bet a lot of us do it. We'll be away from our blog and think about something that we want to blog about, then when we're here, we've forgotten whatever it was. Or maybe it's just us old people. Or maybe it's just me.

I don't drink much alcohol. I just don't have a reason to drink. I live alone and don't go out much. I never go "out drinking." I do sometimes enjoy a cold beer (Coors Light) on a hot day. If alcohol were more convenient for me to buy, I'd probably drink more wine. I live in a "dry city" where alcohol isn't sold, except in clubs where you have to purchase a "membership." There are, I think, two liquor stores in the city, but they were grandfathered in. They were originally in a different city that my city annexed, and have, therefore, been allowed to stay.

About a week ago I decided to stop in at one of those liquor stores. I bought some fresh Coors Light. (The stuff in my fridge was two years old and had expired!) I also bought a bottle of TGIFriday's Piña Colada, because I'd tasted one at mom's house last July and it was pretty good. I bought a bottle of wine, because I think wine is a good thing for a couple of reasons. And I bought a bottle of DeKuyper Peachtree Schnapps. I like to pour a little over an ice cube and sip it.

All that booze. So far all I've consumed was two glasses of the wine - on two different nights.

But I'm looking forward to the rest!!! I have the next three days off, and I'll probably be sampling the Piña Colada during this time. I'll keep you posted!!

Unless I forget.

Remember that record?

I wrote some time back about my dad's having written lyrics to a song many, many years ago, and I was trying to find a copy of the song, or at least the lyrics. I was ready to fork out about $300 for the Library of Congress to research the copyright holder when I found out that my older brother actually has a copy of the record.

Well, after much harrassing he has finally found which box it was in and is going to send it to me. At least, that's what mom said. I'm very anxious to hear it.

(Thanks, BroKen!)


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Peace be with you

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