Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Reason to Hate the Heat

I learned something new today. I learned that a car window can break just because it's hot outside. Guess how I learned that. Yep, because it was my window that broke. I was at work when someone came in and told me that my window was broken. When I got outside to look at it I saw that some of the glass was inside the car and some was outside. Nothing inside had been touched. (There was nothing of any value in there, anyway!) I was very calm about it. I guess a lot of people thought that was strange, to be that calm. All I can say is, they should take the drugs that I'm taking!

Doing a Google search didn't give me a definitive answer, but it revealed that others had had their windows break under similar circumstances. (Look here and here if you're interested.)

I know that car windows can break because of very cold temperatures. That happened to my ex-husband when he was smoking in my car after he'd "quit" smoking. Oh yeah, he did quit. He just neglected to tell me he'd started up again. I forgive him.

Going to bed now because I have to get up bright and early so I can get my window replaced. I'll be late for work. Oh well. I'm not real crazy about the job, anyway! I just hope it doesn't rain.

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Rev. CMOT TMPV said...

This happened to me when I was with my grandmother. We got to the car, she put her key in the lock and the side window (on my side not hers) exploded into tiny pieces.