Thursday, August 20, 2009

Real Fast and Easy Chicken Parmesan

What you need:

•Tyson's Frozen Chicken Patties, breaded, fully cooked (these come in a plastic bag of ten patties, iirc) (I don't care if they're not Tyson's, but that's what I use and they're good quality.)
•Marinara Sauce - doesn't matter what kind, but I prefer to spend more for a brand that tastes better (and has little or no added sugar - you'd be surprised!)
•Mozarella Cheese, grated

Put one or two frozen chicken patties on a plate (at least one inch apart) and microwave for 60-90 seconds. Flip the patties over. On each patty put two or three tablespoons of marinara sauce and top with some grated mozarella cheese. Microwave some more - at least another 60 seconds - until the cheese is melted.

You'll figure out the best cooking/microwaving times once you've made the recipe once or twice! My microwave is one of those cheap, low-wattage ovens. If you have a big, powerful microwave, you'll probably be able to decrease the cooking time.

These taste real good considering they only take a few minutes to "cook." Add some veggies or a salad and you have a complete meal!

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