Sunday, November 1, 2009

Movie (DVD) Review: Maiden Heist

This movie is unique because, in spite of an all-star cast, it was not released to theaters. It came out on DVD last Tuesday.

It stars Christopher Walken, Morgan Freeman and William H. Macy as museum security guards who each become enamored with a piece of artwork in the museum. (A separate piece for each man.) When they find out the whole exhibit will be crated up and shipped off to Denmark, they decide to steal the pieces they adore. I'm a fan of all three actors, and enjoyed their acting in this movie as I usually do. William H. Macy was particularly entertaining as a gung ho yet slightly offbeat (and occasionally nude) ex-marine.

Marcia Gay Harden co-stars.

This movie is entertaining and sometimes funny, but I think I understand why it wasn't released in theaters. One problem is that there are some short animation scenes while they're planning the heist that could have been done much better. Those scenes actually started to give me a headache. Fortunately they didn't last very long. And the ending leaves a lot to be desired. They had the right idea, but it was poorly done.

If you want more details, click the link to see the IMDB web page. I'm not much of a reviewer when it comes to details.

I wouldn't recommend purchasing this movie. It's not worth the price. Worth the price of rental but only after you've seen all the movies you really want to see!

On Netflix I gave it three out of five stars. Three stars is the lowest score you can give for liking a movie. Two stars is "didn't like it," so I couldn't give two stars. If I could divide three stars into a three minus (liked it a little) and three plus (liked it a lot), I'd give the three minus. It wasn't as good as most other movies I've rated with three stars.

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