Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Mickey or Minnie

I have just discovered that mice have been partying in my furniture. I have a dresser that I painted and use for storage in my dining room. Today I was looking for something and found lots and lots of mouse droppings in one of the drawers. Yuck. I knew I had mice in the house. The cats have been helping to keep the numbers down. But I had no idea there was a party going on in the dresser. Fortunately, the stuff in that drawer wasn't too important, so everything that got peed on went in the garbage. And I pulled up the liner and threw that away. Then I sprayed the whole drawer with Clorox Clean-up and wiped it out. While I've already checked a couple of the other drawers, I'm procrastinating looking in others. But I will. So far the drawers I have checked had some mouse droppings, but nothing like the party drawer. The drawers I haven't yet checked are the two large drawers in the bottom of the dresser. I expect at least one of them to possibly be another party drawer. We'll see.

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Rev. CMOT TMPV said...

It's always good to have someone check in your drawers? Oh, wait, you were referring to furniture, weren't you?