Friday, February 12, 2010

Rosie Update II

Another day at the vet's, but back home tonight, and for the weekend. I'll be giving Rosie two shots of insulin each day. She'll also be eating special food that costs $21 for eight pounds. (Did I mention the donate button over there on the right?) On Monday she'll have to go back to the vet for another day of testing. This will go on until the vet figures out exactly how much insulin Rosie will need every day. We're sticking at eight units twice a day for this weekend.

I am still quite exhausted. I've been more tired than usual all week. I plan to take some melatonin before I go to bed (early, again) tonight. Just have to give Rosie her evening injection. Oh, and I have to call mom.


Rafa acmewolf said...

8 pounds are around 4kg, 21$ (15.50€) that is 3.87€ per kg! I think is very expensive. I'm sorry Sue.

Rafa acmewolf said...

I'm thinking you can try to make food for Rosie at home with indications of the veterinarian. Once I did to Chaky.