Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Truly Amazing

Long day today. First, I didn't get any sleep last night. When I finally got tired enough to go to bed, a certain part of my body decided there would be no sleeping. I'll spare you the details. Suffice to say that a dose of Immodium took care of that. But not until it was almost time to call the Vet. You see, my beloved Rosie has been having issues in the last week and a half. She's been going outside much more often than normal, drinking a lot, and last night she "wet the bed." So first thing this morning I called our Veterinarian.

I took her in at 11:00 (after I spent $20 to get someone to come over and jump start my car). After a urine sample and a blood sample I was told that she has diabetes. And I guess it's bad enough that the vet wants to get her started on insulin first thing tomorrow. So I will take her in and drop her off at 7:30 tomorrow morning. The vet will inject, watch, and test (I think) until he figures out the exact dose that will get her sugar levels back to normal. This will go on for two days, and I will be able to bring her home overnight tomorrow, and for good on Friday afternoon.

Rosie is 11 years old, and the vet assured me that the diabetes is a result of her age, and not of anything I did or didn't do. (In fact, she has lost two pounds since her last visit to the vet. She was overweight, and still is, but that's not a factor as far as having diabetes.)

Bad news, but I'm coping.

Rosie and I have been to this vet many, many times. And I've taken my other dogs, and my cats, there, too. So they know me. We talk. We joke around. We have a good time. They're good people.

After the visit to the vet I went to the bank to cash a check. I earned over $40 by reading e-mails and doing surveys with If you should decide to go over and sign up (fat chance, I know), please let me know so I can get credit for your membership!

After the bank I went to the Post Office to check my mail box.

After the Post Office I went to Walgreens. I had some photos to pick up and I also purchased a few items. I have friends who still work there so I said hello to them. There were six people working there today when I went in who know me. I said hello to all of them.

Then I went to Walmart for groceries and such. I first went to the Vision Center and got myself some new glasses. (I've been wearing my sunglasses ever since I broke my other frames several weeks ago!) I was in the Vision Center for about 15-20 minutes. The only customer there. Got along well with the person who was working there. Ordered my new glasses. Then went shopping. I also know several people who work at Walmart, and I said hello to each one that I saw. I guess I said hello to at least a half dozen friends there. And I had a nice conversation with the cashier as she checked me out.

All in all, except for the bad news about Rosie, it was a pleasant and full day.

So what, you may be thinking, was "truly amazing"? Well, I'll tell you. All day long I was wearing this shirt, without a jacket or sweater.

And not a sole - not one single, solitary person - asked me if I knew the way to San Jose! And that, Dear Reader, was truly amazing!!!!!

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Rev. CMOT TMPV said...

Good luck with Rosie :(