Thursday, April 1, 2010

I hope you like the new look.

If you don't, oh well. I'm not changing it. At least, not any time soon. Blogger has added a feature where one can get a little more creative when choosing a layout. My eccentricity plus my desire for a little bit of individuality led me to the layout you are seeing now. I designed the header banner myself. It's based on the old banner with a little bit of a change.

Rosie is back at the vet's office again today. More poking to check her blood sugar levels. This should have been finished already, but I procrastinate, sleep late, and I'm poor. (It costs $57 for each day that she has to be tested. It adds up real fast.) I'm going to have to get better about getting her "regulated" on her insulin, I know. I will.

Another beautiful day in central Texas. I got my front yard mowed yesterday. Already there are new weeds  popping up. Time to go out with the weed killer.

I earned my second entry on Dave Barry's blog. If you see something interesting and/or amusing on the web, you can submit it to Dave (or the back up Dave*). If (s)he likes it, (s)he'll post it with attribution. Look for the submissions by "Suzie Q. Wacvet." It's a small honor to know that your favorite humor writer thinks something you submit is worth posting. (Attn: CMOT, Here are some extra letters for you to use in that last sentence: u u u.)


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