Thursday, April 8, 2010

I wrote a poem!

I have been writing to my "pen pal" for a few months. The other day I was thinking, and my thinking began to rhyme. That led me to write this poem.

A Poem For Walt.
(It's all his fault.)

I'd like to write you every day
But I don't have that much to say.
Perhaps I'll try it anyway.
I guess I could make something up.

I'm sure you wouldn't like a lie.
You seem like such an honest guy.
Alas, fiction I will not try.
Hey! I could write about my pup!

I sleep too much, that's what some say.
I often sleep the day away.
I'll write at night, if that's okay.
In any case I must get up.

First I think I'll have some coffee,
Then I'll probably have to go pee.
Maybe some music will inspire me.
Looks like it's time to refill my cup.

I could waste time all day long.
“Procrastination” is my song.
Even tho' I know it's wrong.
(We're all a little bit corrupt.)

I try to think. I wrack my brain.
I go a little bit insane.
This whole concept is quite inane.
That's it! I'm done! I just give up!

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