Thursday, May 27, 2010

Avatar (The Movie)

I forgot to mention that I have finally watched Avatar. It was extremely predictable. Except for the great graphics, it was only a so-so movie. I think the pre-release hype is what has been responsible for the movie's popularity and high ratings. I honestly believe that, if you take away the special effects, this movie wouldn't have made near as much money as it has.

When it first came out I joked that it was basically the story of Pocahontas set in the future in a science-fiction world. I still feel that way (except that the Na'vi are the winners, whereas the indigenous "Americans" were the losers).

I gave the movie three out of five stars on Netflix, which is the lowest "liked it" rating. (Two stars is "didn't like it" and one star is "hated it.") It was worth the time to watch, but if you don't see it, you really aren't missing much, in my humble opinion.

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