Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lost Series Finale and More!

First, let's get this out of the way. I'm having a muscle twitch inside my right ear. Normally little twitches like that are tolerable, but this one is in my ear, and so it makes noise, and so it's driving me slowly insane. It's been happening on and off for three days. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of it?

Okay, now, on to the Lost Series Finale. First I was disappointed. Then I realized that that was because I apparently hadn't paid enough attention to what one of the characters said in one of the final scenes. (It may have been the final scene. I forget.) After I watched the episode I went to the newsgroup, as usual, to read what others were saying about the finale. Thank goodness someone there was more observant and smarter than I! Now I'm not disappointed. Not as much, anyway. I had my idea of what I wanted to see in the final scene, but that didn't happen, and I'm okay with that. I still believe that Lost was the best show ever, and I plan to re-watch the entire series now that I apparently have all the answers I'm going to get.

Central Texas is having warmer-than-usual spring temperatures, and I'm trying my damnedest to keep the air conditioner off. That has been made easier by the fact that it's not working. But I have a small window A/C that I was using once the outside temps hit the 90's. It cools the bedroom to a tolerable temperature. It doesn't clear the humidity as much as the main A/C, though, and that's not good. I've decided that, as long as I'm unemployed, and therefore don't need to leave the house much (i.e. shower), I'm not going to call the repair man until I'm close to dying.

Interesting thing about the A/C: I was doing all right without it for awhile. Then it got hot outside and I turned it on. I'd been using it for a few days when I turned it off, with fear looming of my next electricity bill. I spent yesterday without the A/C running, but with outside temps still in the low 90's, and I was okay. I actually felt a bit more comfortable than I had with the A/C running. So I have even more incentive for keeping the A/C turned off.

My house is infested with fleas and they're driving me nuts, too (in addition to the inner ear twitch. If I should stop blogging it will be because I've been committed). I am doing all I can to keep them under control. (I'll never completely eliminate them what with having three dogs and several cats, and living in central Texas.) Yesterday I washed several throw rugs and vacuumed the bigger rug in my bedroom. I'm washing sheets and blankets more often than usual. I'm treating the dogs and cats with flea killers. I'm using sprays that are designed to kill fleas and eggs on the furniture. Still, I'm tempted to move someplace where it's cold - really cold - during the winter. Someplace where the outdoor fleas actually die due to the low temps.

That's all for now from the cave. Not much going on in the life of a Hermit-in-Training.

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