Monday, December 17, 2012

Bringing You Up To Date

Let's see. Where to begin. (Is that a question?)

Charlie has been adopted. I had him neutered and had his eye fixed. (He had entropion, which is common for the breed.) As I said in my previous post, he was trying to kill my cats and causing me incredible stress. I arranged for him to go back to Animal Control where they assured me he would not be euthanized. While there, he was noticed and adopted by a family that has another dog. So Charlie has his forever home and a playmate.

The girl who wanted to adopt Charlie had a cat, and her mom told her she had to find a home for her cat before she could adopt Charlie. I decided to adopt her cat, Himz. He's a great cat that has fit in very well with me and my extended fur family. He seems very happy and secure with us. I think it was a real good "trade."

I'm sorry that the family felt they needed to get rid of the cat before they could adopt a dog, but it has worked out well this time, thank God.

As for Rebel, I don't know his status. He may still be with the foster. I hope he has been adopted. He's a cute little dog.

I finally got to Fort Hood to get my car registered, again. I'd had it registered several years ago, but it expired. I wanted to re-register it so that I can start making regular trips to the commissary and PX where, I hope, pet food will be cheaper. I already know that canned dog food is cheaper by about 10 cents a can. That's $3.00 per month savings. Is it worth it? That will depend on how much they want for dry food. I've been buying 13-pound bags of cat food at $13 per bag, and I'm going through about eight bags a month. That's expensive for me. I think I'm going to switch to another type of food that is sold in a 16-pound bag for about the same price as the other. (I try to feed my pets the best quality food that I can afford.) After I see what the PX and commissary have and how much it costs, I'll decide if the trip is worth the cost of gas - approximately a gallon to get there and a gallon to get back.

I also want to check out Fort Hood's Rod & Gun Club. I want to see if they have a shooting range that I can use. I still haven't gone to fire my new pistol, and I really need to. I need to know how it feels to fire it before I'm forced to use it to defend myself - God forbid that ever happens. There's a private range not far from my home and I could go there if I have to. But I'm going to check out the R&G anyway.

I'm still tired all the time and still missing the appointments I make to find out why. Still planning to make it in to see the doctor one day, eventually.

I did get in to see the dentist, finally. My fears were validated. Treatment will cost much more than I can afford, even with my dental insurance. I did get two very broken teeth removed. The worst part of that was the novocaine shots! There was no pain afterwards, either. I was given a prescription for pain pills but didn't need them.

I'm sure there's more to write about, but I'm tired and my brain isn't working at 100%. (Not that it ever does!) So farewell for now.

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