Saturday, May 24, 2008

What can I do?!

I lost my website. I had it on a Zip disk. Thought that was a good idea in case something happened to my computer. It was "backed up." Good habit, backing up your data. Well, unless you knock your Zip drive off the desk and your backup disk is inside. The Zip drive works fine, but my disk seems to be, um, broken. Can't read the disk.

No problem, really. I can go to my site and FTP/download the files.

Oops. Forgot to pay the monthly hosting fee and they closed my account. I called them to reopen my account and the guy on the phone at the number I was instructed by e-mail to call told me he couldn't re-open my account. I think he's an idiot because, well, why would they tell me to call that number for help if the person who answers the phone can't help me?! If that guy's not an idiot, someone is.

So, enough of that. I can probably find a cheaper host, right? I did. I signed up with a different, cheaper hosting service. Now I just have to get all the electronic i's dotted and t's crossed and, hopefully, I'll at least have somewhere to put my website, even if it has dissolved into the ozone.

I guess I need to start backing up the backup.

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