Thursday, May 22, 2008

Didn't go, then did

I didn't go to work Tuesday. I called in sick. I went to work Wednesday, stayed for an hour, then came home. I went in today. I felt much better. I think my cold is almost gone. I still have some sniffles and coughing, but it's nothing compared to a few days ago. I had a fever and my body ached. Especially my ribs and back. I'm sure it was from coughing so much.

I'll miss the money I didn't earn those two days. There's a holiday coming up, though, so that'll mean an extra day's pay.

And I did work an extra two hours today. I was doing a reset and wanted to finish it before I left. Ain't I dedicated?!!

I'll take some "nighttime cold medicine" when I go to bed tonight, just to keep myself from coughing.

My lawn has been neglected for so long that I'm expecting to get a notice from the city. They do that. They send out notices if you haven't mowed your lawn for awhile. Even your back yard!!! That freaked me out. Why the hell would they care how my back yard looks? It's not like it's visible to the neighborhood. But I got a notice to mow my back yard last summer! The notice always says that if I don't mow it, the city will send someone over to mow it and then charge me for it! If I didn't think they'd charge way too much, I'd sit back and let them go ahead and mow it!

Part of my front yard actually belongs to the city. Maybe I should just mow the part that's mine and let them be responsible for the 10-foot section that belongs to them! Hmm. I wonder what would happen! Maybe, if they ever really piss me off. They actually own several feet of land in my back yard, too, now that I think of it!

There's an old Maxine cartoon that I taped up on my front door one year. Let me see if I can find it.

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