Thursday, May 1, 2008


I finally made it to a doctor's appointment!! Where I found out I have DJD - Degenerative Joint Disease. That means my knees are getting bad/worse. I still don't know why I'm always so tired, because I haven't made it to my lab appointment yet. I have several things I have to go back for on Monday. The lab will be one of them. It's going to be difficult, though, because I have to fast for eight hours before the tests. Since I live an hour away from the hospital, I have to get up, shower and dress, feed the dogs and cats, and then drive to the hospital. I'm going to be VERY hungry.

Four things I have to do for my knees: knee exercises, Ben Gay, anti-inflammatory drugs, knee braces.

Also on Monday I have some X-rays to take (wrist, neck, feet).

I'm just falling apart.

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