Saturday, November 15, 2008

Progress! Maybe.

As I wrote earlier, I now think my fatigue is due to hormones. A few days ago I bought some OTC (over-the-counter) estrogen replacement. I bought the two-tablets-a-day estrogen, and the one-tablet-a-night estrogen. When I got home, I took the nighttime estrogen. The next day I woke up at noon and had no trouble getting out of bed! I didn't feel excessively tired or like I needed to sleep some more. I took the daytime estrogen that day, and the nighttime estrogen again that night. The next day I woke up at noon and didn't have any trouble getting out of bed! I think these hormones may be working, or it could all be psychological. But I think they're working.

Today I slept until noon, and could have gotten out of bed with no trouble, but I decided to go back to sleep. Hey, old habits die hard.

I shall continue to take the OTC estrogen as long as it appears to be helping. I have an appointment with my GYN on 12/11, and will bring this up with her at that time. Getting estrogen from the doctor will be cheaper than buying it OTC, thanks to copay.

Getting a Life

On Thursday I went to a meeting of local Democrats. I don't really consider myself a democrat, but I have voted democrat since 1992. I consider myself an independent. I don't register as any particular party, although here in Texas that isn't as important as elsewhere. In Texas you can vote in either primary, regardless of how you've registered.

The meeting started as a pot luck, and I took way too much food. It was nice getting out with people who don't have anything bad or scary to say about President-elect Obama! It was nice getting out, period. I gave them my annual dues, and decided to volunteer to be "correspondence secretary." The outgoing correspondence secretary said she'd had nothing to do since most business is carried out by e-mail! I figured I could handle that!

So, I now have something going on in my life besides work and home. And I hope to be able to start going to church again, now that the estrogen seems to be working. We'll see what happens tomorrow morning!

My pastor has decided to leave us at the end of the year and go to a church in Miami. I'm very unhappy about that, but it's his life, and from what he's told me, he's a perfect fit for the Miami congregation. So, while I would love for him to stay, I hope the very best for him in this new chapter of his life.


I've gained a lot of weight lately. I think it's stress weight. I was watching The View, as I regularly do, and the women were talking about how they've gained weight during the presidential campaign. So that's what I'm blaming for my weight gain. Of course, the fatigue, over-sleeping, and lack of activity probably have a lot to do with it, too.

I've signed up with Jenny Craig, but I'm having trouble embracing the menu! The food doesn't suck, but the portions are smaller than I've become used to, of course, and I find that I'm hungry a lot, which is a dangerous thing. I haven't been eating any fresh fruit or vegetable snacks, and that makes a difference. I just need to change my habits, which is the hardest thing to do in a diet. Mostly I just need to stop binging on sweets. I'm pretty much addicted to the four C's: cake, candy, cookies and ice cream. It's my only addiction. No booze, no drugs, no sex. Just sweets.

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