Saturday, November 1, 2008

Voting Early

I voted yesterday. It was the last day of early voting in Texas.

Not the reason that I voted early, but I thought of a good reason for voting early. If you're very passionate about your candidate winning, you should vote early, just in case, God forbid, something terrible should happen to you before the official election day. Let's face it - the awful truth is that a lot of voters are going to die between now and Tuesday. More will be injured and unable to make it to the polls. Those votes will be lost.

You could argue, as I once did, that you should wait until the last minute to vote just in case something real bad happens with one of the candidates, like we find out one of them is a pedophile or something equally perverse.

I know there are still "undecided" voters out there. Here's what I think about them. I think these people are the same ones that can't make any decisions, even simple ones. They can't decide what clothes to wear or what car to drive or what kind of sheets to buy. If you haven't been able to make up your mind by now, maybe you just shouldn't vote.

I'm going to go turn my clocks back now and go to bed to enjoy that extra hour of sleep.

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