Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pulling an All-Nighter

I'm staying up all night on purpose. I slept very late yesterday, so it's not like I'm exhausted. You see, I have a meeting at 8:00 a.m. at work. Yes. On a day off. The boss likes to have a meeting during the holiday shopping season, and he feels that Sunday morning is the best time to do that. The store won't open until 9:00 a.m., so we have an hour to sit around and listen to him try to rev us up for the season. I'm certain that staying up all night will make it easier for me to get to this (expletive deleted) meeting than if I were to go to bed and try to get up when the alarm goes off.

It hasn't been a waste. I've gotten a few things done, fun and otherwise. I remembered that there are organizations out there whose purpose is to archive internet sites, so I looked up my old sites. The ones I'd lost. And by golly they're out there. Yay. Unfortunately, the graphics are not all out there, so I can't easily recreate the sites that are gone. But I did get a lot of the stuff that I'd thought I lost. Text, that is. I'll go back and see what photos are there and grab what I can.

I'm helping a friend with her B&B website. She's been paying way too much for hosting, so I've transferred her domain to another host. Now she'll pay less for two years than she was paying for three months! Last night I set up the account and transferred the files. Tonight I set up her e-mail. So that's good for awhile.

I've been updating some of my sites. I added some "things about me" to the list on my personal site. I added the home graphic and buzz to another site. And I updated my male bashing site. But I haven't searched the archives for that site. I just added some new stuff I'd found and some old cartoons that I'd found hard copies of. I suppose I'll have more to add once I check the archived site.

If you're interested in searching for an archived site, go here. Type the URL into the "wayback machine" at the center of the top part of the page.

I have to decide what to do after the meeting. Go to church? I really should. There's no excuse and I haven't been in ages. I probably will. Then I should do some things around the house. Clean, for example. I don't do that very much. And I have some specific tasks to do, like repotting some plants, and cleaning the fish tank again. Since lives are at stake, I do clean the fish tank regularly! Not as regularly as I should, but more often than I clean anything else.

Almost time to go take a shower. See ya later.

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