Monday, January 12, 2009

"Burn After Reading"

Slightly newer than the X-Files movie.

I think what I wanted to see most was Brad Pitt acting like an idiot. That pleased me. And the "final" scene that he was in was good, too! (What a horrible person I am, I guess, to think that.) I think this movie could be summed up by saying it's eventual purpose is to show you how stupid a government agency can be, since that's how the whole story seems to wind up. Although I think every important character in it was depicted as an idiot, too. Maybe I missed something.

Can you tell I'm not a fan of Brad Pitt? Not a fan of Tom Cruise, either, although I did enjoy the dancing scene in "Risky Business." But that was a long time ago.


Rev. CMOT TMPV said...

it's eventual purpose
How COULD you? I'm appalled.

And I was going to watch this movie but your grammar ruined it for me.

Sue Wacvet said...

Oh man. See what happens when I don't ge't enough't sleep's?' (I'm so terribly sorry.)

Sue Wacvet said...

But still, it's worth it to see Pitt's last scene!