Thursday, January 22, 2009

Headache and Lost and stuff

I tried to lay down a little while ago to get a couple hours of sleep. But I have a headache and couldn't sleep. I got up and took an aspirin and put some Head On on my forehead. That usually works. (Yes, Head On works, imho.) I have to go to work in a few hours.

The season five premier of Lost aired last night. I'm elated to have the show back. Rumors were that several questions would be answered during the premier, but I don't think they were. Maybe, if you don't read stuff about Lost like I do, you might have had some questions answered. I'm going to watch the episode(s) again at the ABC website, so maybe I'll find something I missed the first time.

I definitely got more questions! If you watch Lost and haven't seen the premiere yet, then you might want to quit reading right now.

********LOST SPOILER ALERT*********
Why does John Locke have to die to leave the island? People have come and gone from the island without having to die. I think. Maybe the submarine was the only way to do that, and now that it's gone, .... But wait. Didn't Mr. Friendly leave the island after the sub got blown up?

Why can't someone go to the orchid station and move the donkey wheel back?!

What role will Faraday's Mother play?

Will Desmond (have to) return to the island? I'm guessing that Penny will be killed by Ben, freeing Desmond to return.

I have more questions, but the headache's interfering.

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