Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th, and stuff

I'm amazed that I haven't heard anyone remark that today is "Friday the 13th." I didn't hear anyone mention it last month, either. I'm pleased. It's a silly superstition.

It has been very cold and very wet in central Texas. Wet is good. We need it. Cold is not. These people (the indigenous people and/or natives) are not used to cold. Me? I'm overweight and menopausal. I like the cold. I don't like the wet because it turns my backyard into a pond, and then mud. Lots and lots of mud. Mud is not a friend to a dog owner. One day I'm going to haul in lots of dirt and raise my backyard so all the water goes into the neighbors' yards. (Heh, heh.)

Met the new District Manager at work today. I'd heard he was a hard ass, but he seems like a nice, reasonable guy. When he left he said he had a good feeling about our store.

Men never know how to shake a woman's hand. Used to be we women didn't give firm handshakes. Now we do. I'm usually not sure, either, how to shake a man's hand. I had time to think about it today and, when the DM introduced himself, my handshake was "firmer" than his! I guess we both probably surprised each other with that!

Men: If you're meeting a business woman, give a firm handshake. Don't try to break bones. If you're meeting a queen (male or female), not quite so firm! If you need more instruction than that, contact me directly for advice!

Women: Learn to shake hands firmly, like a man. Really. Even when shaking the hand of another woman. But don't try to break bones.

I ate a whole bag of Hostess "Donettes" Powdered Mini Donuts today. The damned things are very good, and very addictive. I especially love how the powdered sugar coating feels cool on your tongue. I just read on the web that you don't gain any weight from them. And you can believe everything you read on the web.

I heard about a great website today: Wish Upon a Hero. You can go there and grant wishes. If you need to, you can also make a wish. Go there and see what you can do. Some of the wishes are very simple, like asking to send a card.

Get to sleep late tomorrow. Don't have to be at work until 4:00 p.m. And I'll probably be late!!

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Rev. CMOT TMPV said...

After all 13 is my lucky number :)