Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's Cold Today!

I love cold! We had a cold front come through last night. Lots of rain and thunder/lightning. Today it's actually "cold" outside. Sixty degrees F. That's not really cold to me. That's just a wee bit south of perfect!! We'd been having some cooler temps here in central Texas then yesterday it was back up to 100 degrees. But that didn't last long. I now have almost all of my windows open to let the cool, fresh air in.

IIrc, the same sort of thing happened last year. The temps went from "too hot" to do any meaningful outdoor work to "too cold."

Other than the fact that there is more rain in the forecast, I have no idea what our weather is supposed to be like in the coming week. No idea if it will stay cold or go back to hot for awhile.

Some good news: I still have hummingbirds at my feeders. But they'll be gone soon.

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Rev. CMOT TMPV said...

Colour me jealous :(

I want cold weather :)