Friday, September 25, 2009

Warm Weather's Back

But it's not hot, and that's good. The cool weather lasted a few days and that was nice, but yesterday as it warmed up a bit I heard the sounds of lawnmowers again. So we're supposed to have temps in the 80's for most of the next week, with one day (I forget which one) in the low 90's. (I never know if I should use an apostrophe with numbers.)

I decided to go get a burger last night. That's when I found out my headlights aren't working. Seems all my lights but my low beams are working. And when I pull back the lever for the high beams, they come on but don't stay on. I'm panicking a little because I don't have the money for a big repair job. I'm hoping it's just a fuse. I didn't check the fuses today. I guess I'm in denial. I can still drive during the daylight. I think. I guess I'd better check the brake lights and back-up lights first. Maybe God just didn't want me to have a burger.

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Rev. CMOT TMPV said...

Meat is Murder. Tasty, tasty Murder.