Friday, June 13, 2008

Words I don't like

I saw a photo of a young soldier today. A woman was having it enlarged because the young soldier, her nephew, was killed a few days ago in Afganistan. I used the words "honor our fallen comrades" in a sentence while talking with her about the picture. After I thought about those words for awhile, I decided that I don't like those words. "Honor" is okay, and appropriate in that circumstance. But the rest. I don't like the rest of the words. Because "fallen comrade" means that someone I had something important in common with is dead. He died serving his country, no doubt because he felt that it was an important thing to do.

My views have changed since I've been born again. I've never liked the idea of war. Now I feel stronger about that, in spite of having served 22 years in the Army. It's very hard to accept that when Jesus said "turn the other cheek," he meant do not seek revenge no matter what. In other words, war is never, ever an option. Not even a defensive war, which is what our current leader(s) want(s) us to believe about the wars going on in Iraq and Afganistan. Because of that, and because of my 22 years of service, every death in every war affects me deeply. I didn't know this soldier, but his death affects me deeply.

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