Monday, September 15, 2008

Okay, it's time.

I'm tired, as usual, and I don't really feel like writing. But I promised, didn't I? So here goes. I'm going to write about the trip home (to Texas) from home (California).

Once again I was flying standby on United, thanks to my brother's having worked there for a lot of years. I was trying for a flight from San Francisco to Dallas. When I got to the airport the first thing that was obvious was that it was much busier than the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport. There was a long line to get through security, but it moved pretty smoothly. I got my ticked from the machine, as before, and got in line. When I finally got up to where a person looked at my ticket, I was asked to step over to a special area. Jackpot!! I was one of the lucky travelers who got to receive special attention. I guess I looked like a terrorist. Fit the profile. I guess the fact that I was traveling on an employee ticket didn't matter. Also, I'm an overweight 55 year old woman who bears no resemblance whatsoever to middle easterners, imho.

So I took off my shoes, put all my stuff in the plastic totes, walked through the metal detector, and was taken over to where they could take a closer look.

First I had to stand in this booth thing with my legs spread and my arms out while little nozzles blew puffs of air up my clothes. I have no idea what that was for, but I thought about it being that big x-ray machine that some folks have been complaining about - the one that shows much more of your body than any TSA employee needs to see. I don't think it was that thing, though, because I didn't see anything that resembled an x-ray machine.

Then some guy had to open and look through my carry-on bag and my purse. No surprises.

Then I got to put my shoes on, take my stuff and go to the gate.

I went through a few shops on my way thinking about buying a souvenir, but ended up with nothing. When I got to the gate I bought some water and a bad blueberry muffin. Then I waited for the flight.

This flight wasn't as enjoyable as the first. I was crowded into a cheap seat. Not nearly as much leg room as the first flight. If I recall correctly, we got a beverage and a snack, but I'm really not sure. We must have gotten at least a beverage. (I knew I'd forget a bit the longer I waited to blog about it.)

The flight was uneventful - which is definitely a good thing.

My niece and sister-in-law were waiting for me outside the terminal in Dallas. We drove to their house where I had left my car. I stayed for a short time but was anxious to get back to the dogs and cats, who by now were wondering if they'd ever see me again.

The dogs were extremely happy to see me, and I was extremely happy to see them. Everything at home was okay. Everyone, including my fish, had survived.

This picture was taken about a half hour after I got home.

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