Friday, September 19, 2008

Too Much Money For My New Toy

Okay, I wasn't going to tell you because I spent way too much, but I only have to pay $30 per month with no interest. I won't tell you how much it cost. But it's so cool I bet you'll wish you had one. (Go to - you'll find it.)

I bought myself an electronic thing that lets me transfer my old records to CDs!!! I guess you'd call it a CD recorder, but that doesn't tell the whole story. It plays records and cassette tapes, and allows you - me - to record them onto a CD. So the 4- or 5-hundred or so records that have been sitting in boxes in my closet for several years can now be enjoyed again!

(It's a radio, too.)

I know it's going to take a long time to transfer all those records to CDs, but I think I have enough time left!! ;-)

I'd been admiring and coveting this CD recorder for some time, but didn't decide to buy it until my brother told me he has a copy of our dad's song on a record somewhere, he just has to find it.

WELL GET LOOKING, brother, because I need to justify spending money I don't have on this thing! (And if you have any records you'd like me to transfer to a CD for you, send those, too!)

Seriously, though, I'm very excited about being able to hear dad's song and then transfer it to a CD, which will allow me to upload it to my computer, and then who knows what!!!! I also plan to send a copy to my half-sister on dad's side who is also very excited about the whole thing.


One of my favorite shows will be back on September 28th! I have to go subscribe to Showtime so I won't miss it. Season three. Seasons one and two are available on DVD. I highly recommend you watch them if you haven't. It's a great show. Not bloody or gory like you might expect. Michael C. Hall has been nominated for an emmy and I'm hoping he wins!

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