Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's My Birthday

Today is my birthday. Today I start my 60th trip around the sun. I've enjoyed the first 59 trips, but I hope this one will be a little more eventful than the last few. I really need to get out of the house more. I have a new gun and a new camera. Those are two reasons to get out and do something.

I slept all day - again. I woke up with a real stiff neck that hasn't gone away yet. I put some Aspercreme on it, but I haven't taken anything like aspirin or acetaminophen. I probably should.

Mom called to wish me a happy birthday. No one else did. A few people wished me a happy birthday on my Facebook page. I deleted my birthday from my page a few days ago because I didn't want a zillion people to post on my wall. I wanted only sincere wishes from sincere people. Is that weird? Probably.

Tony, my English friend, sent me an ecard. Those are always nice. And I got paper cards from my friend, Faith, my brother, Ken and his wife, Hazel, and my mom.

Next year I turn the BIG SIX OH. I should plan something real big. If I win the lottery I could throw a big party for a bunch of people. But I don't have a bunch of friends to invite, so that won't happen.

Of course it's also fathers day. No reason for me to do anything special for that since my dad passed away many years ago, and my grandfathers are also gone, of course.

I have volunteered to transcribe interviews with female veterans. I received my first interview to transcribe in yesterday's mail. I think it will be fun listening to women talk about their individual experiences while serving. This first interview is with a woman who served in WWII. I'll transcribe it this week. The transcription is a project by WIMSA, the Women In Military Service to American foundation. I'm registered.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from Hampshire U.K