Saturday, June 16, 2012

Too Tired

I'm really too tired to post today. I almost skipped it, but changed my mind. I slept all day. I didn't sleep well during the night. I think it was because the bedroom was too warm. So I got up early this morning to use the bathroom and decided to turn on the air conditioner. I lied back down, put on my sleeping mask, and went back to sleep. Slept until 5:00 PM. I'm still extremely sleepy.

P'zone was good, as usual. But they've quit including "dipping sauce" (marinara sauce). That sucks. I always dip my P'zone in the marinara sauce when I eat it. Fortunately there was marinara with the cheesy breadsticks, so I used that. I don't know if the extra charge for the marinara sauce will be worth it. I may have to quit ordering from PH once and for all. They're already too expensive. Now they want to charge for sauce?

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