Saturday, June 16, 2012

Not So Tired

I find I'm losing patience for a lot of things. Grammar and spelling, for one. Bad grammar and spelling has always bothered me, but now I feel strongly like smacking the heads of the people who continually make the same mistakes. I'm not talking about big mistakes. I'm talking about the little things that we all should know. What bothers me even more are people who are teachers, or who are becoming teachers, who don't know the difference between words that sound the same (your, you're; their, there, they're).

Until recently I didn't consider myself real intelligent when compared to others. I guess it's things like Facebook - where you have to be able to spell - that have shown me that I'm better at spelling and grammar than most people - well, most of the people on Facebook.

It bothers me a little that I'm feeling smarter and superior. Even more that I want to "preach" spelling and grammar to these people. Don't they care that they are making these mistakes? Don't they want to be able to spell and punctuate correctly? Don't they want to look intelligent to their peers? Sometimes I don't think they care at all. And sometimes I envy that. Ignorance is bliss, it's said, and maybe these people are happier because they don't worry about spelling and grammar.

When I do correct them, I try to do it tactfully. Really I do. I've now created a Facebook page preaching and teaching grammar and spelling. I figure, this way I can correct someone and not have it appear to be a personal affront.

The NRA sent me a hat. I didn't order it, so it's free. But you know they asked for a donation. They're not going to get one. I'm too poor. Also, I don't wear hats, except for the occasional umbrella hat. It's a nice hat. Embroidered with a US flag on the side. I'l never wear it.

Why does the diet soda I get at a fast food place taste sweeter than the diet soda I drink at home? They must add more syrup in the restaurants than they do in the cans and bottles. Maybe they do that because  they know there's going to be ice mixed in at the restaurant. If you drink from a bottle or can, you don't add ice, and if you pour from a large bottle into a class, there may or may not be ice.

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