Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Double Standard

I watch several "police-type" shows: Law & Order, CSI, Without a trace, and others. Why is it that, in all of these shows the men are dressed very professionally, always in a suit and tie, while the women are mostly dressed in cleavage? The way the women dress in these shows seldom matches the professional style of the men. When it does, there's still a good dose of cleavage.

Okay, I know why. To get men to watch the shows. Doesn't say much for the show's writers and producers does it? When you think the men won't watch unless the women show a little boob, it doesn't say much for your confidence that the show is any good.

I say dress the women in the shows the way they would be expected to dress in the actually police or FBI environment. Let's find out if the show is any good, or if the ratings are just a guide to how much cleavage can be seen.

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