Friday, October 24, 2008

My New Umbrella Hat!

I got my new umbrella hat today! I had to order it from England, but the wait was definitely worth it. It's stunning! ;-) Even though it came from England, it was still remarkably affordable. I wonder why this particular style of umbrella hat isn't available in the USA. But I searched the internet and the only one I found was in England. Thank goodness for PayPal. They convert the money for the buyer and seller and make it all very simple.

I know you're dying to see it, so here you go.

Yep. It's camouflage!!!!! Now I have three styles: the original and most common multi-colored umbrella hat; a patriotic red, white and blue USA umbrella hat; and my new camouflage umbrella hat.

If you want your very own camouflage umbrella hat (and who wouldn't?!!), you'll find the seller I bought from on eBay. Just go to eBay and search for "camouflage umbrella hat." It was only 10.99 pound sterling, including shipping. (I can't find the british pound (money) sign on my computer.)

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