Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weird Dreams

I have the strangest dreams. I often wake up and wonder, "What the hell was that all about?!" For example, a few nights ago I dreamed a sort of spy scenario, where the bad guy was some sort of sea animal (fish or whatever), and we - whoever "we" were - had to fight him or it from inside of it. So we had to put this sort of cone-shaped thing that was filled with liquid over our heads and breathe the liquid, then insert ourselves head first into this fish-thing's body through a slit in its skin. I remember not being able to get my shoulders through the slit, so I had to get my accomplice, who was smaller than I, to go in instead. I also remember being inside and trying to recruit some other sort of person, who wasn't really a person, who lived inside this fish-thing to help us, but the other person-thing didn't want to help. She had household chores to do or something.

This sounds so incredibly silly that I'm sitting here laughing at myself. And wondering if I should see a therapist.

I also remember a dream where the Chinese were secretly training their olympic athletes in the USA, inside a hidden area in a hotel. Like there was a floor of the hotel that no one knew about that was used to train these athletes. And this was all done in secret because it wasn't legal, for some reason. When discovered, the leader jumped down some sort of chute that led to a get-away car. I knew that following him down the chute would NOT land me in another car, but I did it anyway. Whatever happened, I ended up miles and miles away in the wrong direction.

I don't mind having these weird dreams. They're very entertaining. Sometimes I think I should try to turn them into a story that could become a book. It would have to be a sci-fi book, I think.

I also have some disturbing dreams with recurring themes, although the details change. In these dreams I'm extremely mean, doing all I can to bring misery to others. Sometimes I'm even beating up on family members, or at least screaming at them. Last night I dreamed that my family was making me see a psychiatrist. Honest. But I was so mean and unyielding that I ended up breaking the psychiatrist before he could break me! When I have beating-up-my-family dreams I feel horrible when I wake up. I often wonder what causes me to have dreams like that. I get along fine with my family and can't imagine any scenario that would have me beating on any of them, or even screaming at them. I wonder if it's one of the medications I take.

I wrote in an earlier post about dreaming that I'm back in the Army. I still have those dreams. It still bothers me, in the dream, that something has gone wrong and I'm not retired!

Oh well. It's getting late and I'll be dreaming again, soon.

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