Friday, April 17, 2009

Still Feel Like Crap

I'm sitting here in dirty pajamas, sweating, coughing, eating a bowl of spinach (with butter). I'm still sick - on the down side of some sort of cold or something else that infected me days ago. I haven't taken my temperature since my last blog. I haven't felt feverish, so there hasn't been a need.

I've spent all my time in bed, so I have a lot of TV shows on TiVo to watch when I finally feel better.

My friend, Oda, calls to make sure I haven't died, and that I don't need anything.

I've eaten very little this week, and suspect I will have lost a few pounds once this is all over.

Maybe my attitude will improve once my health has been fully restored (relatively speaking), but right now I'm seriously planning to go in and quit my job on Monday. Why?

•I have never liked retail;
•My boss has me working 10-hour days with no end in sight, and I've determined that they're bad for me (my coworker, who is also working the 10-hour days, also hates them, but boss doesn't care);
•I get totally pissed off when I'm already sick and have to call in sick to someone who, I don't know, what? Thinks I'm faking? Thinks I'm getting sick on purpose? Takes my calling in sick personally? Fire me or shut the hell up!

Not a good time to quit a good job? No. But unless the government stops paying me my Army retirement pay, I'll be fine. I may never have an LCD HD TV, but I'll have my old box TVs! And a lot of books to read. And free healthcare from the VA. Just have to keep the car running!

I could sit here and babble on, but I think I'll stop for now. I think I'll go to the USA Government Jobs website and see what I can find!

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Freak said...

I hope you are feeling better and not in pain anymore.

Very funny the stuff about the boss.